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Investment: Usually $199 but
Did you know your Relationship with Money is affecting your bottom line?! 

Each of us has one – a Relationship with Money

Maybe you’ve had trouble earning it.

Maybe you’ve been able to earn it but have been unable to keep it around.
Or maybe you know you could be earning so much more than you are right now…

Isn’t it frustrating to stay on the hamster wheel? Promising to manage your money better but the same patterns keep showing up?
The truth is you will NEVER be able to change your money habits until you understand the foundation of your Relationship with Money
It’s only through understanding where your money beliefs came from that you can change and adjust your behavior.
I know this was the case for me. Even with a master’s degree and high paying job, until I understood and changed my Relationship with Money, my behavior didn’t change. 

You see, I grew up poor. I was the oldest of 7 children, and my single mother struggled to put food on the table. We ate meat only once a week at Sunday dinner. Our underwear and socks had holes. And the junior high kids made fun of me for wearing pants that were too short.
As an adult, I thought I had put all of that behind me. 

But it wasn’t until I understood where my money beliefs came from – beliefs that were formed as a child – that I was finally able to change and adjust my behavior. 

And once I changed my Relationship with Money, my whole life changed. No more living pay check to pay check. No credit card debt – in fact, no debt of any kind including mortgage!
Investment: Usually $199 but
You see, until we understand our true relationship with money, we will never change our behavior.  
And that’s what I want for you!
In Your Relationship with Money you’ll participate in interactive assignments to dig deep into your past to discover why you have your current money beliefs. And once you understand why, you can adjust your thinking which will in turn change the way you relate towards Money.
There will even be some exercises to broaden and expand your comfort zone with moneyAnd once your comfort zone is expanded, you will never want to go back to the limited amount of money you have now!
In this course we’ll explore:
 Your Image of Money
 Why Money is our Non-Emotional Mirror
 Why Cash Really is King
 Your Money History
 Your Value & How to Increase It
 Why Money is really SPIRITUAL
 Why you need to have a Money Plan BEFORE it shows up
 How Money Affirmations work
If you choose to complete the exercises, you’ll STOP the cycle of making and losing money. 
You’ll FINALLY understand what’s been holding you back all these years. The light bulb will go ON and within 30 days, you’ll be on your way to earning and keeping the money you desire!
Investment: Usually $199 but
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